ROOFING – Wood/Cedar Shake

Wood/Cedar Shake Roof Installation in VA

If you reside in Culpeper, Fairfax, Fauquier, Loudoun, Prince William or Northern VA and you want a durable, authentic and rustic-looking roof with wood shake shingles, contact M & M Exteriors in Haymarket, VA. Made from a split log, wood shakes are thicker than a shingle, are tapered on one end and have a textured effect on one or both sides. Each shake is applied individually to create your roof. Top quality materials and extra labor to install add to the price of a wood shake roof. Wood shakes are typically manufactured from western red cedar or California redwood and have a life expectancy 30-40 years.  Cedar shakes are available pressure-treated and with fire-retardant for increased fire resistance. You can have a preservative treatment applied.

Contact M & M Exteriors to Replace, Repair or Install Your Wood/Cedar Shake Roof

If you see any of the following signs on an existing cedar shake roof, it is time for replacement or repair:

  • Splitting with sharp edges and light color orange interior – probably damage caused by hail
  • Curling / Cupping where the shake curves upward and might expose the roofing felt underneath
  • Larger cracks caused by expanding and contracting over time from moisture and then drying
  • Fraying at the bottom of the shake – caused by moisture from moss or algae left untreated, usually in a shady area

Although you may be tempted to replace a damaged shake or two yourself, or to have a friend or neighbor with home improvement skills do it, you could be in danger of voiding your manufacturer’s warranty. That’s why you should always call an experienced professional roof installation company like M & M Exteriors, LLC in Haymarket, VA to inspect and do the repairs for you. Our contractors will look for other potential problems that might cause roof leaks and make recommendations to you to correct the issue.

If you live anywhere in Northern VA and need a wood shake roof installation or repair, contact the professional contractors of M & M Exteriors today.